The EMST150 and the EMST75 lite

The EMST150 is the only calibrated trainer that provides isometric training of the expiratory muscles, including the suprahyoid muscles, which are also involved in the swallowing process. In several clinical studies, improved kinetics of the suprahyoid muscles have been observed in various indications and disease entities, often in combination with improved swallowing function. This makes it ideal for all people who want to strengthen their swallowing and breathing muscles and improve associated functions.

The device is small, easy to transport and clean, and can be calibrated to pressures between 0 and 150cm H2O. The EMST75 lite is perfect for people with less muscle strength and those who are just starting to exercise. This makes the two the ideal devices for training breathing strength, voice, coughing efficiency and swallowing function. The calibration function can be used by the therapist to monitor the progress of the therapy in his patients or to address special features in his patients.

Unlike other therapies, the EMST150 only requires a short training phase and adjustment, which the user can then carry out himself at any time. Training can be done anywhere: at home and on the road, at work and on holiday. Effects typically manifest after only four to five weeks of training. If necessary, a less intensive maintenance training can be added, but effects are lasting in any case.

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